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Beijing Lantern Festival 2011

In order to enrich the New Year activities of people and foreign tourists in Beijing, Beijing will always hold lots of grand cultural activities, temple fair and Lantern Festival during the China New Year festival period

 Beijing Lantern festival 11'

Beijing Lantern Festival 11'

Korean lantern Festival 2011

Traditional Buddhist lanterns take on more than 40 different shapes (fruits, animals, etc.). Each carefully crafted lantern gives off a different feeling depending on the material (silk, paper, etc.) that is used to make it and each shape and pattern carries a different meaning. Most of the lanterns represent health, longevity, or a bountiful harvest. The exhibit also imparts the spirit of Korean culture through the use of hanji (elegantly dyed Korean paper) and the sophisticated patterns of each lantern.

Korean Lantern Festival 11'
Korean Lantern Festival Parade 11'

Thailand Lantern Festival 2011

The Thai slogan for lantern festival 2011 translates as "colours of the south". It is running between 14th and 28th February 2009. This is the third time that they have organized the festival at the Hat Yai Municipality Park. Although this year's event is very impressive, the city mayor promised that next year would be even more spectacular. The theme of the festival is "Seven Wonders" and there are categories such as International Lanterns, Amazing Fowl and Animals and World of Kids. After wandering around looking at the lanterns, you can then go shopping for OTOP products which have both locally produced food and handicrafts.
Thai Lantern Fest 11'

 Thai Lantern Fest 11'

Lantern Festival  2011 Pingxi Taiwan